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hi there! my name is kirsten (my second name is julia… i know you were wondering who she was). now it’s about time i start letting you know who i am. as a little kid i borrowed my moms 35mm film camera… a lot. sometimes without informing her that i was borrowing it. i’m fairly sure she didn’t appreciate this.
while my interest in photography continued to grow little by little i was super lucky to find out my sports oriented high school had a tiny makeshift darkroom/storage room. this was kind of the pivotal point for me. i ended up spending a lot of time in there during my senior year lunch hours. i am a total nerd.
i spent a few years after high school traveling around with my camera in hand. getting better acquainted with it. soon after my traveling days i decided i wanted more knowledge (i love learning so much — see? total nerd here), so I made a quick decision to enroll in the new england school of photography in boston, ma. i graduated with a degree and an incredible love for telling stories through photographs.

i believe in love. it makes me strive to be the best i can be… love for myself, love for my family and friends, and love for everything good in this world. not to sound like a cheesy greeting card, but it’s probably the one thing i would choose to live off of if it were possible. being able to photograph love with my favorite tool is my dream job come true. i must say i’m pretty lucky that i get the chance to spend time with a couple on their special day, all while capturing moments and creating everlasting memories for them and their families. love that!

i look forward to meeting with you!

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