What is a Life Coach?

Dr. Martha Beck compares it to the difference between going to a life coach versus a therapist and going to a doctor versus a personal trainer. A medical doctor takes an unhealthy body & system and makes it healthy. A personal trainer takes a healthy body and makes it reach it’s optimal performance. A therapist takes a mentally unhealthy individual and makes them mentally healthy. A Life Coach takes a mentally healthy individual and helps them achieve unlimited possibilities for their life.


What can I expect from a Weight Coaching session?

I guess for starters I should say I’m not your trainer or your nutritionist, so I won’t be creating a workout plan or a meal plan for you. What I will be doing is helping you dig deep to figuring out the reasons for your overeating, emotional eating, eating habits. We’ll assess when you eat, what just happened when you ate, and work from there. You’ll get tools and resources to help you achieve a permanent weight loss. It’s the truest way to lose weight and keep it off all while being 100% fed, happy & healthy.


Do we work in-person? How does it work?

I work with clients over the phone and I have some that like to Skype call. We figure out the best possible date & time for our session and then I will send you my number to call for your session.


Should I have anything with me during our call?

It’s optional but you can make sure you have a pen and a notebook with you. Jot down anything you want to remember and work on, or doodle. Doodling actually helps you stay focused and can provide deeper insights to things you might be feeling (it’s like thinking visually). Kind of like interrupting dreams. If you doodle something, email me after and let me know!


What happens right after our call?

Within 24 hours of our session I will email you notes, tasks, or tools of things we discussed so you can get to work on creating your beautiful life immediately.


Where is it best to have our phone call sessions?

I prefer if my clients be somewhere where they can relax and not multitask, so make sure you’re not driving or doing errands when we have our session. Grab a comfy seat somewhere, a glass of water, and try to be in a room that’s distraction free.


What is 1:1 coaching?

We schedule a set time and date for our weekly chats, and I’ll call you for each appointment. We’ll go over things you may be facing or have faced that week, I’ll give some guidance, possibly some assignments to work on before the next scheduled call, and we’ll move you forward in some actions to take to create the life you want.


Do you share this information with anyone?

Nope! This is 100% confidential. Your privacy is one of my main priorities (besides getting your life and/or weight loss on track). Our sessions are as private as two best girlfriends getting together and talking things through. It’s kept between us.


Do you coach in-person?

There might be a day when I create a loving space for coach & clients, but for now all of my coaching is done over the phone or Skype calls. I do, however, have plans to create motivational sessions at a local gym here in LA. I completely understand that gyms are VERY intimidating places.


How fast does Life Coaching work? How long will I need to be coached?

It really just depends on the individual and the issue we’re working on. Typically after the first session many of my clients feel a positive change within and sense some great possibilities for their future, but to create a long lasting behavior & thought change it takes time to work at it and all the underlying hold-ups. Our coaching relationship will be as long as you need it. It could be Long Term Coaching for when you need clarity or Email Correspondence with a few 1/2 Day Sessions every couple of months to check in.


Okay, let’s do this! What’s my next step?

Head on over to Work With Me (also a link in the menu), and click on the button to book a 20 minute consultation phone call. I will then send you a questionnaire that you will have to fill out at least 48 hours prior to your session and send it back to me. Once we get on the phone we’ll go over the things you brought up in the questionnaire as well as see if we’re a perfect fit. When you’re feeling ready to dive in to the next step of some on-going coaching you’ll then choose the package that’s best for you and we’ll set up a schedule to begin! Get ready for your amazing future!